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Zopelia is developing a corporate network of organisations to better-connect business travellers and accommodation. The strength of this network increases with every new client, partner and transaction. We want to work with you to change Business Travel for the better.

Our partnership with Estate Agency Partnership allows your company to access to a global market and increased occupancy of accommodation with respectful tenants from reputable organisations around the world.

We make it easier to occupy your business properties with professionals.

Partnership Benefits for our EAP’s:

  • Ease of Property Registration

  • Speed, Accuracy of tenancy and Reporting Analytics on the outcomes. 

  • Intuitive controls to offer full range of options and facilities at your properties

  • Business Support for the growth of your Concierge, Key-Holding and short-term lettings businesses

  • Innovation and a ‘Partner-First’ approach to service-delivery

  • To start the process of becoming a partner please contact us


Our partnership with Travel Management Company Partnership allow your company to access to private accommodation as alternative to hotel rooms in major cities in the world to increase your portfolio when no enough hotel options or because your travellers preference.

We enable Travel Agencies to broaden the scope of choice and availability without compromise


Partnership Benefits for our TAPs:

  • Meet personal demands from travellers who no longer see benefits of hotels

  • Increase opportunity for additional services for Travel Experience

  • Dramatically increase the scope of bookable nights in busy locations

  • A budget-friendly opportunity for the Mid-to-long-term contracting market

  • To start the process of becoming a partner please click here and the steps will be explained clearly with support available to talk it through

  • Innovation and a ‘Partner-First’ approach to service-delivery


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